Sand equivalent test set

Digital Display Compression Testing Machine

Digital Display Compression Testing Machine


This method is intended to serve as a rapid field correlation test. The purpose of this method is to indicate, under standard conditions, the relative proportions of clay-like or plastic fines and dusts in granular soils and fine aggregates that pass the No. 4
(4.75 mm) sieve. The term “sand equivalent” expresses the concept that most granular  soils and fine aggregates are mixtures of desirable coarse particles, sand, and generally undesirable clay or plastic fines and dust. This test is not intended to replace either
Method D422 or Method D1140.
Sand Equivalent Cylinder – H.4340.1
Two Solid rubber stopper – H.4340.5
2-hole rubber stopper – H.43040.2.5
Weighted foot assembly – H.4340.3
Funnel – H.4340.4
Irrigation tube – H.4340.2.2
Siphon tube – H.4340.2.1
Blow hose – H.4340.2.6
Measuring can – H1350
Bottle stock solution – H.4342


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